What's different about Sage?....

TEACHER OF ACUTONICS—with eight years experience as a practitioner, and look for Self Care Classes, coming soon

ORGANIC OILS—edible, cold pressed oils; locally crafted essential oils and flower essences at no extra charge

UNIQUE—Skillful integration of medical massage with sound healing and more….

COMMUNITY ACUTONICS—Pioneering, affordable sound healing for couples, pairs, small groups, families and individuals

HEALING SENSE-SATION—Signature Stone and Tone for deep radiation of sound, hot and cooling vibrations.


Private Sessions

Enjoy a new experience with therapeutic private sessions at Sage Acutonics and Massage by Barrie Andrews.Her individualized approach is both highly intuitive skilled.You may emerge from your session feeling deeply rested, profoundly heard, with reduced pain and greater awareness. Every person is unique and each session can vary remarkably, so feel free to call for an initial phone consultation to confirm that she has the experience and wisdom to respect, address and support your body and its unique patterns, today.

Groups & Classes

Community acutonics and gonging sessions as well as trainings and classes are offered at SAGE on a regular basis. Community acutonics and gongings are pioneering, affordable sound healing for couples, pairs, small groups, families and individuals. Classes in acutonics are offered for both practicing professionals and clients for home treatment. Community actutonics and group gonging sessions are unique group experiences that manifest sound healing techniques in an integrated group setting.