East & West at SAGE

Western massage and Asian bodywork reflect different views, such as a material versus an energetic concept of pathology.
Sculpting sessions from these dissimilar traditions has yielded uncommonly original and surprisingly effective solutions.  Sessions at SAGE are exceptionally varied.  Treatments can range from quiet nurturing touch, to stimulating deep pressure, to exquisitely aware light touch, all infused with various sound healing approaches.

•   Pain reduction is often the first goal of treatment. Initial assessment is followed by Barrie’s unique, tailored East-West therapeutic strategy.  Barrie is specially certified in Acutonics®, Oncology Massage, Medical and Hospital Based Massage, PreNatal and Sports Massage. 

•   To move and balance energy in the body, Zen Shiatsu acupressure and Acutonics® tuning forks are powerful: energy homeostasis enables deeper structural change.  Clients frequently feel buoyant and elated.

 •   Empowering clients as team partners in healing begins with careful observation.  Feedback regarding breath, soft tissue patterns and responsiveness to sound and touch inspire confidence and self awareness.  

 •   Quality therapuetic bodywork at SAGE is an invaluable education.  Clients say they learn more about their bodies and self-care at SAGE.  Whether you have pain, injury or upset, Barrie has broad experience to bring comfort, perspective and even humor to your state of being.