Wise, compassionate touch and sound are our most essential and effective tools for change.  When we have pain or reduced movement in muscles and joints, there is stagnation or blockage—lack of change.  Skillful touch can aid the body to restore proper muscle tone, increase circulation, and free up fascia (connective tissue).  However, we are not just a bag of flesh on a body structure.  Conscious, loving touch and the sound vibrations of Acutonics can bridge and even unite our bodies, mind and spirit.

Acutonics is a dynamic, elegant approach utilizing tuning forks on the acupressure points, in combination with similarly tuned high quality chimes and gongs, as well as other sound instruments.  Acutonics can gently transports us into transformative states, helping us restore balance, harmony and vitality in body and mind. 

Everything that exists moves and everything that moves makes a sound, whether audible to the human ear or not.

This translates into our bodies as well.

All of our cells and even our organs vibrate, move and have sounds of their own.

Acutonics is based on the study of and interaction with these sound-based vibrations, applying utilizing tuning forks and other carefully crated sound instruments.

The vibrations generated by the tuning forks and other instruments feel good when applied and the sound penetrates deeply.