SAGE Acutonics® & Massage

This classic SAGE session incorporates Eastern acupressure and Western massage techniques with organic oils to address thorough treatment for pain, dysfunction or full body relaxing massage.  Clients may experience a time altering, often spiritually connected, deeply rejuvenating state. Disrobe to your comfort level.

60 Minutes                  $78
90 Minutes                  $108
Two Hours                   $138  

SAGE Shiatsu and Acutonics®

These shorter, dynamic, focussed sessions emphasize support for discomfort and imbalance with Zen Shiatsu acupressure, Acutonics® tuning forks and CranioSacral Therapy, with limited application of oils or Western massage.  Dress in light clothing.

60 Minutes                  $68
Add 20 Minutes          $20
Three / 60 Minutes    $165
Eight / 60 Minutes $384

Sound Journeys 

Sound Journeys, a SAGE original, are experiential group sound meditations.  Bodywork is an ancient social affair: one person’s healing helps another’s. Ineffable yet memorable images and insights are often reported.  For two, three or four people of any age.  
Dress in light clothing.

90 Minutes                  $108

SAGE Special Sessions

  • Hot Stone & Tone,

    a SAGE innovation, blends hot basalt (and marble in summer) stones, crystals and sound for ecstatic vibrational therapy.  Disrobe to your comfort level.

  • Facial Soundscape,

    like facial acupuncture, redresses skin, energetic and muscle balance in the face with tuning forks and gem tips for a fabulous face-the-world feeling.  Dress in light clothing.

  • Planetary Soundscape

    is the innovative application of planetary tuning forks on the body according to the client’s medical astrological chart.  Dress in light clothing.

  50 Minutes                  $78 
90 Minutes                  $125