Session Lengths

All session lengths refer to actual time on the massage table.  For new clients, include thirty minutes extra for intake and transition time; for existing clients, allow an additional fifteen minutes.

60 Minute Session: 
This session length is best reserved for specific conditions such as pregnancy, an urgent session when more time is not available, or for tight budgets, and may be more focused on a therapeutic approach.

90 Minute Standard Session: 
For the majority of people, this allows clients to stay in a deep processing state and get the most out of sessions, and includes an integrated approach of sound healing and massage.  It is the preferred length for new clients, as well.

Two Hour Session:  
This can be a fabulous treat, or, for some people it simply works best for their circumstances, such as for chronic conditions, recent injury, or infrequent sessions.  


Prices in the different locations reflect cost variations due to time, travel, rentals and energy.  Taos rates are approximately 10% less than Denver, and Questa rates are about 28% lower than Denver rates.

Questa Office
$55 for 60 min., $80 for 90 min.; $108 for 2 hours

Denver Office
$78 for 60 min., $120; $150


Cancellations:  Kindly call and/or email as soon as you know you need to make a change, and I will accommodate you where possible.  After the second missed appointment I require advanced, non-refundable payment.  Click here for further policies and ethics.  Written here or linked to as "not linked page" or as index page